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2017-02-21, 17:13
I just received my second bra from Gentle Touch. I am so happy with this product after a complete shoulder replacement there was no way a regular bra could be put on or taken off. The wide Velcro shoulder straps are very comfortable and front Velcro closure makes dressing so much easier and faster Thank you so much for your fine product, and your personal service Raquel F.
Lynn M.
2015-11-17, 03:37
Every women undergoing a mastectomy needs this camisole, I can't say enough good things about it. What a fantastic way to transition. Material is very soft, holds the drains perfectly, and I could wear it under a top or alone and feel comfortable. It does run a tad large, and I do like the suggestion of thin zippered front opening. I would highly recomend this product.
2015-08-12, 19:34
High praise for Recovery Camisole Style #369: easily held my 4 drains, I could take it on and off without any assistance, and it made wearing drains so much more comfortable. I wore it every day for the first 2 weeks.
2015-03-28, 02:49
nice bra, great material.....
2015-03-21, 09:13
I like this one much better than the other one I have - it isn't so tight, and you can wear the drains either on the side or more in front. The velcro closer is nice, but I thin I'd like a zipper better, velcro gets old and scratchy after wearing it for a month like i've had to!
Penelope Gianelli
2015-03-19, 22:46
Fantastic, caring, personal service. Immediate delivery. Soft comfortable, quality product.
Penelope Gianelli
2015-03-19, 21:45
Fantastic personal service! Beautifully soft and comfortable bra.
Theresa Wilcox
2015-01-31, 02:03
Five Stars! Very nice quality product
Lisa B.
2015-01-13, 01:43
Someone gave this to me as a gift for my mastectomy surgery and I literally lived in it for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. The weather was cold so I wore it under my button-down shirts, wore it as a PJ top, and then pulled it back out again to wear when I went back to work and bras were still too comfortable to wear. I did not have any sizing or shrinkage issues with it (but make sure you Velcro it shut when you launder it or it sticks to all the other clothes in the load!). Yes, I could have pinned the drains to my shirt, etc. but it was just so neater/nicer/easier with the pockets. I got lots of flowers, candy, cards, etc. from people after my surgery, but this was by far the best gift. I have ordered it as a gift to give to another person about to have the same surgery. I am 5'5" 135 lbs and the medium worked well - gave me plenty of room to move around comfortably, including sleeping. Normally I would wear a size small, but when moving around doing simple things post-surgery is a challenge, having the extra room just made things easy.
2014-10-27, 11:53
Great Product and company! Shipped same day I ordered and when I called I received excellent customer service. I would recommend Gentle Touch Medical Products to anyone who is need of post-mastectomy products!
The Cheerful Reader
2014-10-23, 01:39
It was just as touted.
2014-10-19, 03:18
Every woman having a mastectomy should have this camisole! It is pretty, soft and comfortable and you don't have to step into it or raise your arms to put it on! I love that it held my 4 drains and it was pretty enough to wear around the house when friends came to visit. I also received a printed prescription form to have my surgeon fill out and submit to insurance for reimbursement.
2014-09-14, 02:58
Soft, washes nicely, easy for doctor visits. Previous comments warned it runs large, so I bought a size smaller and it is perfect. For a t-shirt, it's also pricy. It would be nice to own two if you can swing it. Fasten Velcro strip securely before washing!
Eleanor R.
2014-08-13, 07:15
Very comfortable and soft. The inserts needed to be adjusted, but all in all, it was a comfortable fit and it looked nice. I would definitely recommend this product and seller.
2014-08-07, 08:17
Runs a little large, but is very soft and comfortable. It has 4 pockets inside which are designed to hold drains so that they are not visible to others and are not inadvertently pulled. I found these to be a little small, but once the drain collector was in the pocket, it worked very well. I will likely wear this even after I have recovered because it is so comfortable.
CC Brewer
2014-07-29, 10:02
highly recommend
Barbara Tortorici
2014-07-29, 07:44
Ordered the camisole just before my surgery. I would highly recommend purchasing two . The camisole was the only reason I could sleep with the drains in. They will be great to wear even after the drains are out. Did not give the item five stars due to the cost.
B. Nolan
2014-06-17, 08:18
On the recommendation of a friend, I purchased this cami for another friend who had a double mastectomy. Both she and her hubby said it was the best money ever spent. Perfect for holding the drains, perfect with the velcro. It washed nicely and was very comfortable. Even the nurses in the hospital loved it and wanted to know where to get it. I'm so glad to have purchased this. Could be a bit expensive for some people but it is a real necessity for the post surgery patient.
Candace Wise
2014-06-03, 03:27
This is the softest camisole I've ever owned. This camisole was used everyday while I was recovering from my mastectomy. It's so comfortable I am still wearing them.
Amanda Smith
2014-05-25, 19:41
i love this surgery bra. it is so comfortable. i ordered the one with velcro. it is made better than the hospital bra from surgery.
2014-04-07, 02:42
Perfect! I wear it everyday , soft EZ on and off. I plan to order another one one size smaller.
D. Placer
2014-03-17, 06:55
Bought this for my friend who was undergoing lumpectomy; so happy that I did. The material is super soft and easy to open and close.She was able to wear it right after surgery with a light jacket to leave the hospital. One less stressor to deal with after surgery! Thank you.
2014-02-20, 11:03
It was easy to put on and take off. Being black, it don't show the stains either. It was really convenient with the drain holders. I was definitely glad I ordered it before surgery.
2014-01-07, 09:37
Would order one size up. Ordered for my SIL who had surgery and she said it was perfect. Highly recommend.
Susan Curtis
2013-05-11, 12:57
My only complaint is that I wish it did not fasten with velcro in front. I have another which simply slips on overhead, and I like that better.
Angela Brown
2013-03-23, 08:24
My sister had a Double Mastectomy and i had this ready for her when she got home, she loves it! the only thing i would change is the price so i could buy her a couple more. With such a traumatic surgery these really do help with keeping the drains hidden and she says its ultra comfy.
D. Proctor
2013-02-24, 08:10
This item is great and the shipping was fast. I paid for express shipping. It was 1 to 3 business days and I got it the day after I ordered it. I like it because of the velcro opening in front. The one I was given at the hospital goes on over the head. The way this one goes on is much easier. It is soft and pretty enough to continue using after my body has healed.
2012-10-29, 08:09
The quality of this product is fine. However, I found that the pockets for my drains were positioned in the wrong place. When I sat, they got squished at my waistline. I continued to pin them to my surgical bra to keep them out of the way. I did love the velcro opening.
2012-09-03, 08:11
Really love this product. So soft as well! I bought 2 and really love them, they have made my recovery period so much easier. (this was my initial post...I'm updating a year later): Since my initial double mastectomy I had a couple of complications and had 2 more surgeries; and had drains in 4 weeks each time. I have worn these during each of the recovery periods and they have held up well. I am glad they velcro in the front, as I wasn't able to lift my arms above my head during that initial period, and these allowed me to dress myself and feel confident that my drains weren't falling out or dangling. A year later they are soft as ever, and I plan to wear them again during my last reconstruction surgery coming up soon. I'm so thankful for these!
K.A. Baird "hard-to-please"
2012-09-03, 08:08
This is one product you never want to have to buy, but if you do, buy it from this seller. This person is commiteed to making things right. My original order never arrived, and she got the replacement to me very quickly, and also got an exchange (for size) to me very promptly as well.
The sizing threw me off. I usually wear a size 16, but the large was a bit too roomy (I originally ordered an XL, which the seller was quite willing to exchange immediately). The velcro opening is very convenient and adds to the comfort of the garment. This is super comfortable, and even in the summer, it did not leave me over-heated.
Lorelei Munger
2012-05-30, 08:06
I purchased 2. These are wonderful garments. The inside pockets held my drains securely and I felt human again wearing them. I still wear 1 everyday until all is healed and I can be fitted for a proper bra.
2012-04-21, 12:03
Two members of my family have recently gone through double mastectomies and this camisole was a life saver. Not only did it wow them, but the doctors and nurses as well. We don't understand why the word is not out about this. My brother who is also a surgeon thought it would be perfect for his patients as well and he does GI work! Get the word out - this is soft, convenient opening, pockets relieve the pinning of the drains -all in all a wonderful product. Each ordered one size larger than their normal size to accomodate swelling and washing shrinkage. And each ordered 3 camisoles so they could always have a fresh one available.