Light Touch Breast Form

Light Touch Breast Form (order includes 1 Breast Form)

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The Light Touch Breast Form Style #372 is made for women with comfort in mind. The triangular shape and lightweight materials give women a natural look without the additional weight or discomfort of a heavy prosthesis. This lightweight breast form can be used with our Gentle Touch Mastectomy Camisoles, the Gentle Support Mastectomy Bra or your own mastectomy bra.  Order includes 1 Light Touch Breast Form.   

Gentle Touch Light Touch Breast Form

 Natural look and lightweight

 Soft knit fabric

 Foam and polyfil construction

 Available in white, beige or black

 Available in six sizes, Style #372

Breast Form Size   Cup Size
Small   A
Medium   B
Large   C
XLarge/XXLarge   D/DD
XXXLarge   E/F